Monday, March 26, 2007

formerly known as 'tank top'

This pile of yarn (Scheepjeswol Linnen 60% cotton 40% linen) was a tank top this morning. Now it's just a pile of yarn. When I started knitting again 2 years ago, my first project was this tank top. I'd picked up the yarn and pattern from a garage sale (I think). There were some severe gauge issues and being in denial, I chose to finish it rather than rip back. The armholes reached down to my waist. The chest was unmeasurable (I kid you not). It was so bad that I don't even have a picture of it. I washed and dried it hoping that it would shrink to a wearable size. Ha!

Today when I was cleaning out the guest bedroom (yarn is soft but I don't expect guests to sleep with it), I came across the tank top and frog'd it so that I could reuse the yarn for a new summer top. It wasn't easy to take apart. The yarn was knit double and I wanted to wind it back into seperate balls. There was a lot of cursing but I got it done. I feel much better now.

The lace scarf is moving along. I think it's about 12" long if I stretch it out on my leg. I have no pictures since I disassembled my blocking/photography station (aka the guest bed) this morning.

No sock progress. Socks have fallen completely off my knitting radar. I'm obsessed with the lace scarf.

Pimping Yarn
Great Knitting Yarns is closing shop. They're in Canada and I am always sad when a small quilt/yarn store has to close. There's not much left but you can still get some Cascade Sierra for $6.25 and there's Lett-Lopi (Lopi Lite) for $2.50. And they've got Clover bamboo needles on sale, too.

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Sharon said...

Ooo, that is so white, you wouldn't be thinking about dying it a differnt color or anything would you?

I thought I was bad, I have frogged a half finished something but not a completely finished something