Tuesday, March 27, 2007

feels like spring

It's hard to stay inside when it's sunny out. However, Ricky is quite happy to pass out in the sunshine.

I did laundry and some general house tidying. I really should get out in the garden and stick a bunch of stuff into the ground. Over the winter, I bought a lot of sale/clearance plants and they should be planted this spring. But first I need a plan... I also bought a jumbo pack of begonia tubers from Costco last night that should be potted up.

Today, I got a package in the mail (shh - don't tell hubby but I'm expecting 3 yarny parcels). It was the MCY yarn that I ordered from Etsy. In person, the colours are a little brighter than the Etsy picture but that's ok. The yarn is a light fingering so I will probably have to go out and buy smaller dpns. But it's very squooshy and I can see that the colours will look really nice in socks.

I finished a neck thingy out of olive Malabrigo for a quilting friend of mine. No pictures because it's just a boring tube. Maybe I'll get a picture of the recipient modelling it. I'm starting another neck thingy for another quilting friend. I'm using Malabrigo again but in emerald. This colourway has lots of blue and turquoise and reminds me of the ocean. The colour choice really stressed me out cuz my friend was no help. She used the words, "I trust your judgement". I know she doesn't like brights and some greens. She uses a lot of blue in her quilts so I picked something with blue in it. But I am fully prepared for her to hate it.

I've been dreaming about how to use the yarn that I salvaged yesterday. I did some math and I have enough for this lace nightie (free from IK's website). Or maybe I should make something wearable in public.

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P-la said...

Ooh, very nice! Very spring-like!