Friday, March 16, 2007


Wow! That's a lot of socks that you've finished. I really like the cashmere ones. But then I'm a sucker for anything purple! If you're looking for sock suggestions, how 'bout these and if you have enough yarn, you can make a matching scarf. These are my 2 top patterns for the huge chunk of MCY yarn that I bought from etsy.

There hasn't been much knitting over here. I spent most of Wed in the garden cleaning up. And since the garbage cans didn't get emptied, I dumped all the stuff on Hubby's side of the carport. I'm going to make him haul it to the yard waste recycling centre tomorrow.

I haven't felt like knitting socks. Dunno why. I did a little bit of sock knitting at knit nite but mostly, I've been working on the Bonita shirt (from IK Summer 06).

I started this last summer and lost interest when I reached the armholes. My yarn, gauge, etc. is different than the pattern so I had to adjust the numbers (I am knitting the 43" size and it currently measures 48" but I expect it to shrink down to 46" or so after washing & drying which is the perfect size for me). I stalled mostly because I hadn't done the math for the armhole decreases. But I'm back on track and am concerned that I'll run out of yarn. I started with 9 balls of vintage stuff that I picked up at the thrift store. I've used up 5 balls and I'm about 3-4" from finishing the back. Then I've got the front, 2 short sleeves, and i-cord edging around the neck/sleeve/armhole. Plus I didn't knit the fold over hem because I wanted to conserve yarn. But I did a provisional cast on so that I can go back and put the hem in afterwards. Wish me luck.

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