Tuesday, March 13, 2007

truly random

1. Today was garbage day and it's Hubby's job to take the cans to the curb. He remembered the garbage but he forgot the yard waste. I filled all 4 cans last week and I specifically told him that they needed to be put out today. He walked past all 4 of them to reach his jeep this morning and he still forgot.

2. No knitting today. Not feeling like it. But I have been reading some knitting blogs.

3. Speaking of knitting blogs, Eunny Jang finally posted to her blog in what seems like ages. And she's got big news - she's the new editor of Interweave Knits. Congrats Eunny!

4. I basted my night weave quilt and it's ready for quilting. I think I've decided what I'm going to do...

5. Clean out cat litter boxes - check. I don't mean the daily scooping. I'm talking about the once-a-month, drag-out-the-soap kind of cleaning.

6. Laundry. Where does it all come from? There's only the 2 of us.

7. Keeping an eye on Ricky. Lately, he's been throwing up (on our light coloured carpet) in the early afternoon. He hasn't been doing it regularly or even daily so it's hard to tell if it's hairballs or if something else is wrong. I think I'll take him to the vet next week and make sure he's ok.

8. Phoebe was a pest while I was heating up my lunch today. She begs for treats at around noon. After I threw my lunch in the microwave, I was emptying the dishwasher and she came over, rubbed her face on my legs, and since I was ignoring her, she reached up and put her paws on my butt (yes, she can be that tall) and meowed at the top of her lungs. I ignored her some more so she walks over to her food bowl and proceeds to pick it up with her teeth and drops it several times. She knows that annoys me. And the only way to make her stop is to give her treats. Am I well trained or what?

9. It's been 3 days and the kitchen still smells like lamb curry. It's getting annoying. I may need to light a candle in there.

10. It's definitely spring here. There are mini daffodils blooming down the street and our neighbour's camellia is starting to bloom. If only the stupid rain will stop long enough for me to do some gardening.

11. Last but not least, my wee tiny sock is ready to be mailed. I made a little card for it so that the sock can be proudly displayed. I hope my recipient likes it.

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knitnzu said...

Is Gladys over here? thanks for playing at my contest! Not spring here yet!