Sunday, March 4, 2007

lazy Sunday

It's another lazy Sunday. Aside from a trip to the local recycling centre and our weekly food shopping trip, I've done nothing but eat, knit, and nap. Kinda nice.

Yesterday was very productive. I spent all morning in front of my sewing machine and finished sewing the blocks for the Night Weave quilt. After I laid everything out, I found out that I forgot to take into account the blocks I made in the class so I have 6 duplicates plus the 3 that were cutting mistakes. I'll probably use these 9 blocks to make a cushion cover.

In the afternoon, I plugged in all 3 Lord of the Rings movies and grabbed some knitting. I worked on the CDM sock a little. But my hand cramps up after 2 or 3 repeats (6 rows per repeat) - too many twisted stitches. So progress on the sock is very slow. I broke my sock knitting resolution and I cast on a new sock and it's plain boring stockinette. The yarn is Trekking XXL colour 140. It's faux fair isle so it looks best knitted in plain stockinette. Working on the plain sock gives my hand a break from the CDM sock.

Since I've finished a few projects this week, I've been looking around for something new to start (instead of working on my other UFOs). I printed off two free patterns: Rainy Day socks from the latest Mag Knits (I'm going to use the leftover yarn from the test knitting) and Brea Bag from Berroco. The bag will be a good stash buster since it only requires 2 skeins.

The next issue of Knitty should be posted soon. The suspense is killing me.

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catsmum said...

I've near;y finished the brea. It's an interesting project for a reasonably experienced knitter. Not too hard but enough going on to hold the interest and [for a freebie] really well written directions. I'm sure you'll have fun with it.