Thursday, March 29, 2007


That's what I did yesterday at knit nite. The Bonita shirt is no more. After some deliberation with the other gals, I decided that it had to be reknit. I cast on this afternoon and I thought I was being careful but after knitting 7 - 242 st rounds, I realized that I had a moebius. @$%#!!!!!!!! I cast on again but didn't join in the round until hubby got home and held the needles while I ran my fingers around the cast on to make sure I wouldn't get a twist. I am going to knit the next size down and it should fit this time. I'm not going to reknit the sleeves since the armholes will be the same depth.

My lys has gotten a new shipment of hemp yarn called "hemp for knitting" . The stuff feels like straw but after it's been washed, it's so soft. In fact, I'd be tempted to prewash the skein before knitting with it. And the drape is unbelievable. There's 2 weights - fingering (only $6 for one 50g/150m skein) and dk (twice the price/weight as the fingering but same yardage per skein). I thought about buying some of the fingering to make this lace nightie. But decided that the yarn wouldn't look good in the gauge required. The dk would be a better weight but it's so thick. I don't know that I want a nightie with that much substance. Lana Knits is distributing the yarn and has great pattern support. I really really love this top. It's knit side to side and looks so elegant. I would be tempted to knit it in black so that I could wear it with anything. And maybe one in 'deep sea' to wear with jeans. Hmmm...

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