Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What a day

I'll bet your cats don't carry cornstarch down the hall, then spill it all over themselves, then run through it TWICE!

We had a great morning, going out to a local drop-in playgroup, but when we got home, that's when the day pretty much frogged itself, and this was the end of it. So if you're ever wondering why I'm not blogging, think of this photo.

And of course I can put up a photo of your gorgeous bag. It's in use at the moment, holding my current sock in progress. It's the SWTC Tidal Wave pattern, in that Tofutsies yarn that you gave me for my birthday. It's pretty cushy yarn. Some people online have complained that it's splitty, but I'm not having any issues with it, and I'm using the pointy Knitpicks needles.

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Dotty said...

Thanks for posting pictures of the sock bag. I've seen comments about Tofutsies being splitty but I don't have that problem either. Maybe we got a good batch.

The corn starch picture is funny. Just remember that it was *only* corn starch...