Monday, March 5, 2007

Monday wip report

Today was lots of fun. I got to visit with Kate - my best friend's newest niece. I went to the baby shower last summer and made the unborn babe a lovely cardigan. And today, I got to see her wearing it. Plus my best friend wore the Sienna Cardigan that I made her for Christmas . And can you believe that I left my camera at home? I could've gotten a picture of two handknits in action!

The other fun thing was working on the Brea Bag. I've knit one of the sides. It was super fast and easy and looks great. I will block both sides before I knit the gusset. I searched the Net and noticed some Breas had a rounder profile and others were more angular. I like the rounder ones. And it'll be a good excuse to use the flexible blocking wires that I got for Christmas. I am tempted to knit the gusset in stockinette rather than moss stitch. I think I'll do a better job seaming the whole thing together if the gusset is plain. I am definitely going to line the inside with fabric. And I will probably skip the button and put in a zipper to make the bag more usable.

I'm still plugging along on the CDM sock. It didn't see any knitting time today. And the Trekking sock (love the yarn) is ready for a heel.

Oh - I came across this website today. You can get your hands on some unloved yarn - some of it for free. Go read about it. I think it's a great idea.

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